Cancellation Policy, Privacy


Terms of Cancellation Return


The period for objecting to collections made by 3D or virtual POS through online collection system is 10 business days. Our company will assess and notify the customer within seven business days of the cardholder’s application for cancellation return. Our company works on the basis of on the spot payment. Demands made 10 business days after the invoice date will not be taken into consideration.  


Protection of Personal Data protects all personal data received from customers during membership or when carrying out transactions using the highest existing electronic and physical security systems, hidden in an environment that can be viewed only by approval of the authorized personnel or the user, when required. This information is used only within the scope of the laws of the Republic of Turkey and international laws. Our company pledges and guarantees that personal data will not be made public, published, or shared in any way by third parties without the user’s prior consent. reserves the right to use general user information other than personal data for information purposes, promotion or proposals provided that the user has given prior approval.  


Security of Payment Data


The online security department formed within the body of controls our customers’ identification and address data. The department contacts customers when required and takes precautions to prevent, for instance, illegal credit card fraud. has a 256bit security certificate. The credit card data given during the transactions at are transferred independently from the website to the contracted banks’ systems by a 256 bit SSL encrypting protocol provided by Globalsign. The bank enquires about the credit card data. The customer is immediately notified of the result of the enquiry and the payment is completed. The entered card data is transferred directly to the bank. All the transactions are conducted between the customer and the bank. As the data cannot be viewed or archived by the website in any way, third parties cannot access the data. The padlock picture on the bottom, right corner of the page shows that the page is encrypted by SSL and secured.




Credit card data is generally stolen in physical environments. Therefore, using credit cards in restaurants, etc. and giving credit card numbers to other people are not advisable. In cases of credit card theft or use of the card without permission, the bank that issued the credit card must be notified immediately.


If uncovers a case of credit card fraud, it notifies related banks and the cardholder. When shopping online, the user should verify the accuracy of the address and telephone information on the website and check the telephone number of the customer service, if necessary.     


Provincial courts and enforcement offices are authorized to resolve all disputes, arising from the implementation of this contract.